Saving piggy helps in saving your money. Middle class people can deposit only 500 rupees in savings bank from their 6 months' earnings. The company will return the user with good interest after 5 years. The user has to deposit 500 rupees after every 6 months in 5 years. After 5 years the user can withdraw his money with interest.

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Saving Gullak Is way of Save Money

Saving Gullak is a new way of saving which helps middle class people save money. Saving Gullak also helps its members (people who have an account in Saving Gullak) in many big and small problems. It acts like a piggy bank so this is also called online piggy bank.

  • Save Money
  • Help Peopels
  • Good Returns
  • Good Support
  • Help 24*7 Hours
  • Trusted By 100k Members

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Our goal is to save money for people

Along with saving money, we also help poor and needy people. Like This -

  • 5000 to 50,000 Rupees Helping Girl's Wedding”
  • 5000 to 50,000 rupees to help in case of accidental death
  • Helping to repair a car in case of an accident
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What Is Saving Gullak
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Saving Gullak acts like a savings bank. With this help, middle class people can save their money. To save money, a small investment in Saving Gullak can make their life a little easier. People of all ages from children can open accounts in Saving Gullak.

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Why You Choose Us

Saving Gullak helps the user in these situations

In these situations the company will help some amount

  • Daughter's wedding Help Amount 5000 to 50,000INR
  • Health Problems Help Amount 5000 to 50,000INR
  • Car Repairing Help Amount 5000 to 50,000INR
  • Accidental Death Help Amount 5000 to 50,000INR

Emergency Care 24/7

With access to 24 hour emergency assistance, It’s so important you can continue to help others.


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