What is Saving Gullak

Saving Gullak acts like a savings bank. With this help, middle class people can save their money. To save money, a small investment in Saving Gullak can make their life a little easier. People of all ages from children can open accounts in Saving Gullak. Here a small amount is required to open an account. That is, out of your 6 months' earnings, only 500 rupees have to be deposited in Saving Gullak. The user has to deposit money in this Saving Gullak for 5 years. After 5 years, he can get his deposit with interest. Along with this, he will also be given many assistance from Saving Gullak.

What is the purpose of Saving Gullak?

Saving Gullak aims to provide a new way of saving people. The way people put a piggy bank (piggy bank) in their house, in order to save money, they have to provide a piggy bank online. Saving Gullak is like an online piggy bank, in which the user can deposit a small part of his savings. And can be withdrawn with interest after 5 years.

"Now leave the piggy bank at home !, Connect with online piggy bank" ..



What are the benefits of depositing money in Saving Gullak?

Saving Gullak acts like an online piggy bank. The following are the advantages of depositing money in Saving Gullak -

 Saving Gullak helps the user in such a situation when he needs money in a problem. In this situation, the amount that is given by Saving Gullak to help the user does not have to be given back to the company. The company helps the user from 5000 to 50,000 rupees.

In case of any serious illness, if the user needs money, then he is helped by Saving Gullak.

Help  On the marriage of the daughter, the company gives help from Rs 5000 to Rs 50,000.

 If you have a business plan and need money for that, then the company can also give you a loan. To take a loan, the user must have an account in Saving Gullak.

In case of any accident or simple death of the user, the company will provide help from 5000 to 50,000 rupees. Along with this, the money deposited by the user in Saving Gullak will also be returned along with interest.

 If the user's vehicle is damaged in an accident, then the company will also help to repair it from Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000.

Who can deposit money in Saving Gullak?

In Saving Gullak, housewives, students and employees can collect money. Here, there is no obligation of any kind to create an account and deposit money. A child can also deposit his money in Saving Gullak.

Document and ability to open an account in Saving Gullak

The following qualifications and documents are required to open an account in Saving Gullak -

  • Aadhar card or PAN card must be either.
  •  E-mail account (If no one has email, ask agent to create it, he will create it)

Documents required to get help

Generally an account will be given to the user on Saving Gullak's website. The user can apply for help after logging into his account here. In such a situation, when the user will be helped, then some documents will be sought by the survey agent. This document must be -

  1. Passport size photo of the user
  2. Copy of Aadhaar Card
  3. Copy of job card
  4. Ration card copy
  5. Copy of bank account passbook
  6. etc. documents are required.

Note: No OTP is sought from the agent or company of Saving Gullak.

With whose help user can open account

To open an account in Saving Gullak, the user will have to seek the help of an agent. With the help of an agent the user can deposit Rs in Saving Gullak. Keep in mind to see the agent id of Saving Gullak and his identity card.

                                                       Agent Info Helpline No - 1234567891

What is the minimum deposit required to create an account in Saving Gullak?

To create a user account in Saving Gullak, the user has to deposit at least 500 rupees in his account. Once deposited the money, after the next 6 months, again Rs 500 is to be deposited. This money has to be deposited 500 rupees for about 5 years. Such users deposit about 5000 rupees in Saving Gullak in 5 years. Saving Gullak, after 5 years, pays 20 percent simple interest to the user on his total accumulated money. After 5 years, the user can apply to withdraw money in Saving Gullak or withdraw money with the help of an agent. That is, the user will get about 5000 more in 5 years on his accumulated money. That is, after 5 years, the user will get around 10,000 rupees from Saving Gullak. With this, the user can also get the benefits mentioned above.

“Saving Gullak requires depositing only 1000 rupees in a year, it has to be deposited once in 6 months. Saving Gullak requires depositing only 500 rupees in 6 months ”


Can a user track his Saving Gullak account?

Yes, Saving Gullak allows its user to track their account online. After opening the account, the user is given an ID-password through a message on the registered mobile number. With the help of which the user can check his account and how much money is deposited in the account, etc.

Can see User can also ask for help from Saving Gullak from his account. Here users can also see their Next Due Date. With which he can easily see the date when he has to deposit money after 6 months.

How can I deposit money in Saving Gullak?

Saving Gullak uses Instamojo's payment gateway, with the help of this payment gateway, users can pay online in the following ways -

  • UPI

With the help of all these payment options, the user can save money in Saving Gullak.


Saving Gullak Welcome Latter

On creating an account in Saving Gullak, a 'welcome letter' is given to the user by Saving Gullak. With the help of post, the user gets it within 30 or 60 days of the account opening. A 'piggy bank' is also given to the user with this welcome letter.


What does Saving Gullak do to user's money?

Saving Gullak invests the user's money in online and offline business. It shares the profits received from here with its users. It is the biggest benefit of the user to deposit money in Saving Gullak that if the company has a loss in any business, then the user does not have any kind of problem. Loss or benefit to the company is the risk of the company. The user gets his deposited money with interest.

Saving Gullak Team