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Saving Gullak has full rights on this website. Information of any member is not manipulated here. Yes, the information of the members can be changed on behalf of the savings gullak if required, but the savings gullak does not make any changes on their investment / deposits.

The aim of Saving Gullak is to teach middle class people how to save and for this we are trying. An account is provided to all the members on our portal. With the help of this account, our member can see his deposit amount and the next deposit date. With the help of his account, he can also ask for help and can also change the password etc. in his account.

Any change in the account of a member of the savings gullak can be made with the consent of the member, otherwise the member can change his information by logging in his own account.

In Saving Gullak, a member can login in two ways from his registered mobile number and from his registered email. Only the member has the right to log in to the member's account.

Saving Gullak does not ask for any kind of OTP for creating an account or logging in. Therefore any type of OTP will not have to be given to the member. We allow people to create accounts and log in without OTP.

If any kind of change happens in the user's account, then the user will be responsible. In such a situation, do not share the user saving gullak account information with anyone. Otherwise the user can have any kind of problem.