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Saving bank can refund in these situations. Agents and members have to inform the help team of Saving Gullak if there is some problem in any kind of Transaction.

If an agent has created a user's account and in such a situation the user's account has not been created. And if money is deducted from your bank account, in such a situation the agent can check the status of that payment by emailing us on and sharing the Transaction ID etc. In such a situation, it may take 24 to 48 hours to get the refund. Because the savings gullak will get the details of that payment from its payment gateway partner.

If any agent registers and in such a situation, his account is unable to be created and money is deducted from his account, then even in such a situation, Transaction id will have to be shared with us, we will take the details of the payment from our payment gateway partner if he If the payment is with our payment gateway partner, we will get the refund done. It may take time from about 24 hours to 48 hours. Email us for help -

Saving gullak is currently receiving payments with the help of instamojo payment gateway, if there is a problem with any type of payment, then our payment gateway partner instamojo will help track the transaction.